Home Is Not Just A Place, It's A Feeling

Being at home is an incredible feeling that just cannot be duplicated. Comfort, sincerity, heart warming, and peaceful are petite descriptions of the many sentiments of being at home provides. With open arms and immense smiles, we provide a home away from home. We are your sisters and brothers from another mother, literally!

Here at Z's Catfish we strive on our hard working employees & our family environment. One thing is for sure, being that family is the most important asset to us by far. Our family dynamic is one that we feel is unbreakable, allowing us to provide our loyal customers and community with amazing food and even better service.

"My family’s recipes are now a staple in our family owned and restaurant Z’s Catfish," Zora stated in her interview with Voyage Dallas. Family is our first priority here and it's our personal duty to always show up and make sure everyone walks away with positive memories and a smile on their face.

Not every place you walk into truly treats you like you're their own family. Most of the time the process goes from order, wait, eat, then pay. Sounds pretty uneventful to us. Those experiences are as average as it gets and you just pray that you don't have any food complications on top of that.

That's exactly what we don't stand for at Z's. Walking through our doors is like walking into your grandparents house to find them cooking up all your favorite meals. You walk in, greet them, feel an atmosphere of mixed joy and hunger, and enjoy an exquisite meal.

Our customers walk through our doors being treated just like family. It's one thing to love your someones food, it's another to enjoy every moment there. "Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming" - Joseph B. Wirthlin. We can't thank you all enough for the amazing support, love, time & dedication that you give to us.

To us family is and will always be our forever. You are a part of our family and we welcome you with open arms. We love each and every one of you beautiful people that walks through our threshold! With love, from the place where you don't have to ask what it tastes like because, "IT'S GOOD!"

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