Make your favorite Z's Sides Right in your Kitchen

What if you could bring Z's delicious sides right into your kitchen & home cook them yourself? You guessed it! You can now purchase our packages of your favorite sides and cook them in the comfort of your own home!

What makes your taste buds go wild? Is it our creamy & cheesy Z's Classic Baked Macaroni & Cheese, Classic Red Beans, Classic Black Eyed Peas, or maybe its our Classic Fried Cornbread. You decide what is going to make your next dinner go from average to GREAT!

For just under $10 a pack you can have one..or you can have them all!

Classic Macaroni & Cheese

We're excited to be able to offer some of our best selling sides for you to take home & make your own. You can find our full live video on making our wonderful cheesy mac & cheese on our facebook page Z's Catfish. It doesn't get much better than our perfectly portioned packets with all our special seasoning included! Grab them before they're gone & enjoy your next meal like you're in the resturant with us.

Drop in, order up, take it home & create your own!

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