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At Z’s Catfish we welcome you, where you will get the feel of home as you sit down to enjoy your soul food meal. At Z’s you will get a sense and taste of the history in this family through some of the recipes that have been handed down for generations.


Z has 3 adult children: Akilah, Brandon and Corey and 3 grand children: Laila, Amina and Zuri.

Opening a restaurant has been a dream of Z's for quite some time. The opportunity presented itself for her to do so in Rockwall, Texas October 5, 2013 and she ran through that door never looking back.

Z has always enjoyed cooking, as a young girl. She was a member of the 4H Club where she competed in cooking competitions. She would sit at the counter and watch her Grandmother “Sis” cook greens, cornbread, candied yams etc… During the holidays, the kitchen would seriously heat up as her Grandmother cooked for nine children. Her grandmother would whip up cakes and pies like nobody’s business!!! She would bake 20 plus cakes and pies that would line the pantry. Z found this fascinating, and would just sit and observe for hours. She now cooks those same desserts and has past them down to other family members. All 3 of her children cook as well.

A few old recipes are written on the walls due to Z rushing to jot them down. The family member who was telling them to her memory was not that great, but she knew she could not miss out on the optimizing opportunity. In Z's family, the older generation of cooks did not write recipes down; they cooked from memory and taste. So whenever recipes were given to Z she would always write them down and promised the elder that if anyone in the family ever needed the recipe, she would have it and hand it down. So while at Z’s, look around for these treasures.

There are pictures on the walls of family and friends during celebrations, where the family’s favorite recipes were enjoyed. PicturThe walls also features pictures of family and friends during celebrations, fishing outings, and other get togethers where they enjoyed their favorite recipes. Likewise, there are quotes about the meaning of family blanketing the interior of Z’s.


Z's Catfish has special days where one can try out some of her other recipes that aren't on the menu. These specialty dishes are offered to all of our Z's Hooked Club Members. 

Come and enjoy some good old fashioned soul food while in the midst of family. Here at Z's Catfish, once you step through that threshold, WE ARE FAMILY!

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